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Refractory Bricks
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Dry Press Firebricks - Refractory Bricks

Brick Styles include Straight, Tile, Split & Arch

Styles: Straight, Tile, Split & Arch

Firebricks are used for the lining of furnaces
and kilns. They come in a variety of shapes
(i.e. Straight, Tile, Split & Arch/Taper).

Low Duty - DARLEY 18

Medium Duty - DARLEY 26

High Duty - DARLEY 32, 38, 42 & 45

Acid Resisting Quality - DARLEY 26 ARP
(Low Duty - Medium Porosity)

  Tile Brick

Tile Firebrick Dimensions
230mm x 230mm x 38mm
230mm x 230mm x 50mm
230mm x 230mm x 75mm

Straight Brick

Straight Firebrick Dimensions
230mm x 115mm x 75mm

Split Brick

Split Firebrick Dimensions
230mm x 115mm x 25mm
230mm x 115mm x 38mm
230mm x 115mm x 50mm

Arch Brick

Arch Firebrick Dimensions
230mm x 115mm x 75 - 51mm
230mm x 115mm x 75 - 63mm
230mm x 115mm x 75 - 69mm

Firebrick Technical Data Sheets   Refractory Brick Technical Data Sheets


Refractory Bricks (Firebricks) are produced from materials that can withstand very high temperatures and are used to line furnaces, fireplaces and chimney stacks. Refractory bricks are also required to have a high level of resistance to the chemicals encounted in slags and an ability not to flake under a wide range of temperature changes. Firebricks containing a high percentage of alumina are better at withstanding high temperatures and high loads than conventional fireclay based bricks. There are various grades of firebrick (i.e. alumina content) suited to different temperature ranges.

Special refractory mortar is used to bind the firebricks together. Refractory castable mixes are used for repairs and where required to create specialised shapes. Darley Densecrete 160 is very high temperature, high strength refractory castable comprised of low iron content, high alumina hydraulic setting cements and hard stable refractory aggregate.

Firebricks are also used in the domestic market to line the inside of household heater fireboxes. Firebricks protect and prolong the life of the external metal casing. Additionally, firebricks maintain higher temperatures allowing more efficient combustion. Furthermore, heaters lined with firebricks retain their heat long after the fire is extinguished due to its extra mass. The increasingly popular wood fired pizza ovens also make use of firebricks.


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